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I can find the Sonnalm immediately next to the exit of the Alpenrosenbahn mountain cable car middle station. The sunny terrace invites me for my first stop of the day. And to me, that means breakfast!

The breakfast that is served here consists of a variety of breads, sausages, ham, bacon and eggs served in a pan, homemade yoghurt with cereals, cheese from the local cheese makers, and homemade marmalade. I can have a choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and one of the fruit juices to drink.

After breakfast I leave for my hike on the Holzwurmweg, part of the mountain experience park Alpinolino. The leads through the forest and brings me back to the village in the valley.

Buffet breakfast - starting from 20 persons
different types of bread, sausage, bacon, cheese, honey, homemade jam, bacon and egg, spreads, homemade yoghurt with muesli, fresh fruits, salamon, homemade cakes, 2 hot beverages (coffee, tea or hot chocolate), 1 glass of orange juice


Tel. +43 5334 6246