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All Events in SkiWelt

Almost every day there is live music at one of our 80 SkiWelt huts!

While at one hut you can find yourself dancing to trendy tunes, the next calls you to the party with lively, traditional folk music.

There are numerous top events such as the Ice Partys, Carnival celebrations, the Advent on the Mountain, Shred Sessions and many more. For sports enthusiasts, family excursionists, adventure seekers & Action Heros - SkiWelt has something for everyone!

Weekly events

Events and live bands at the SkiWelt huts

Events January 2023

Events February 2023

Events March 2023

Söll Ski and Rock

12.03.2023 - 17.03.2023Söll Ski and Rock
Söll Ski and Rock

The Söll Ski and Rock in January and March 2023 is a truly unique event combining live music on and off the slopes with the trappings of the attractive village centre!More

Events April 2023

Listing of all events in the SkiWelt region