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Silberbergwerk Schwaz

Grubenbahn (CK)
Silberbergwerk Schwaz

The Silver Mine in Schwaz is an unmatched "underground adventure". Enjoy an exhilarating time travel to the world of medieval miners as you board a mini train and venture deep into the bowels of the silver mine for a trundle through Schwaz’ illustrious past. The elaborate miners' work and their readiness to take advantage of new technologies made the Schwaz Silver Mine "The Mother of all Mines". In its heyday around 1500, more than 85% of the silver traded in the world was mined in Schwaz. And this essentially contributed to the wealth of the Silver Town of Schwaz. History and modern technology are the key elements of the tour, creating an unforgettable and fascinating experience including light and sound effects. You will see all the different types of tunnels that have survived the centuries and learn interesting facts about the ingenious Schwaz water-pumping system – at one time regarded a technological wonder.

Schwarzer Silver Mine discounted tarif

Adults 10 % discount on the single tariff

*valid if you purchase a cable car experience card from 1-14 days or a cable car experience season pass


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Schwazer Silberbergwerk
Alte Landstraße 3a
AT- 6130 Schwaz

Tel: +43 5242 72372
Fax: +43 5242 72372 4