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Wilder Kaiser

Unique nature reserve

The Wilder Kaiser Nature Reserve is certainly one of the most impressive mountain ranges in the Alps. Since 1963, the Kaiser Mountains, consisting of the two main ridges - the Zahmer Kaiser and Wilder Kaiser and all their peaks - have been classified as a nature reserve to protect the rare plants and animals that live there and to preserve this magnificent mountain landscape.

Both the Tiroler Adlerweg (Eagle Trail), Tyrol’s long distance hiking trail, and the Jakobsweg (Way of Saint James), one of the most famous pilgrimage routes in the world, take you through the Wilder Kaiser mountains. The Wilder Kaiser region is known worldwide for its challenging hiking tours and climbing routes suitable for all levels.

Tips for all hikers: The SkiWelt Panoramic Path with views of the Wilder Kaiser. This trail leads from Going to Scheffau via Ellmau, then continues via Brixen to Söll on the Hohe Salve or reverse. You can go up or down from any of the villages - simply hop on a cable car of your choice. Once at the top, you can enjoy the far-reaching views over the Wilder Kaiser and all the way to the Grossglockner and 70 other three thousand-metre-high peaks. Your return trip is also taken care of - just jump aboard the Kaiserjet, our regional hiking and swimming bus.

Several of the most important mountain tops at Wilder Kaiser

  • Ellmauer Halt (2.344 m)
  • Ackerlspitze (2.329 m
  • Treffauer (2.304 m)
  • Regalmspitze (2.253 m)
  • Goinger Halt (2.242 m)
  • Maukspitze (2.231 m)
  • Totenkirchl (2.190 m)
  • Fleischbank (2.186 m)
  • Kaiserkopf (2.164 m)
  • Predigtstuhl (2.118 m)
  • Kleine Halt (2.116 m)
  • Scheffauer (2.111 m)