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Events Summer 2024

Lunchtime-BBQ at the Stöcklalm

08.07.2024 - 26.08.2024Lunchtime-BBQ at the Stöcklalm
Lunchtime-BBQ at the Stöcklalm

July & August 2024Every day in summer (8th July - 26th August 2024), the Stöcklalm in Hochsöll offers a lunchtime barbecue on the mountain. In the middle of Hexenwasser Söll, not only the witches' kettles glow, but also the grill at the culinary highlight on the popular Stöcklalm...More


Witches' nights on Thursdays

11.07.2024 - 22.08.2024Witches' nights on Thursdays
Witches' nights on Thursdays

ThursdayThe illuminated gondola takes you up to the Hexenwasser in the evening. On an exciting hike, you can discover various venues on your own. You can learn about the history of witchcraft More

Sundowner at Kaiserlounge

12.07.2024 - 04.10.2024Sundowner at Kaiserlounge
Sundowner at Kaiserlounge

Sunset at Hartkiaser with all-you-can-eat buffet and refreshing drinks. More

Bike & Fly Festival

09.08.2024 - 11.08.2024Bike & Fly Festival
Bike & Fly Festival

In August, the site of the Alpenrosen mountain railway becomes the centre of attraction for adventure seekers. Look forward to fascinating ARCO flying shows, exciting tandem flights and thrilling bike & hike tours, as well as many other activities. On Sunday, a cosy morning pint...More

Alpine Festival Ellmau

09.09.2024 - 20.09.2024Alpine Festival Ellmau
Alpine Festival Ellmau

A diverse programme with live music, bacon, cheese and more..