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RiesenWelt Brixen im Thale

Mysteries at the mountain lake & high moor

18.05. - 27.10.2024

Huge mountain and nature fun for young and old in the home of the Salven Riesen in Brixen im Thale:
The RiesenWelt Brixen im Thale is full of secrets and adventure fun: I can glide across the lake on a wooden raft, clear everything in a game of skittles and a water syringe operated by an alchemical screw delights naturalists like me!


Lake Filzalm (Filzalmsee) in RiesenWelt Brixen im Thale is full of mysteries and fun adventures: I can glide across the lake on a wooden raft, clean up at skittles and pump the water spray using an archimedes screw – to inspire naturalists like me!

Also for our young hikers, there is a giant sand pit with lots of great surprises! The themed hiking paths, “Giant’s Pass”, “Giant’s Way” and “Giant’s Forest”, also have countless attractions to keep me amused.

Taking care of my health and wellbeing too are Kneipp stations with moor mud paddling pools and wading pools. The mountain inns around the lake indulge me with typical specialities from the region.

My place of strenght at Brantlalmsee

At Brantlalmsee I feel the peace and power of nature. I relax on the wooden loungers and ejoy the silence on the mountain. Here I concentrate on my senses: I hear the birds chirping, smell the fragrant alpine meadows and feel the warm sun on my skin. Pure nature and enjoyment at Brantlalmsee.

The Brantlalmsee is the perfect starting point for hikes of all levels of difficulty: Wheter I want to climb the Hohe Salve or hike to the nearby theme parks, at Brantlalmsee I can make the most of the mountain experience. I can discover many hiking trails and the Giant Experience Path here. With the Zinsberg cable car I can reach the Brantlalmsee comfortably and plunge into the andventure of nature.

Attention summiteers!

Attention summiteers!
Attention summiteers!

Our lifts are the Best Austrian Summer Lifts and offer Austria’s biggest mountain experience! Scrutinised with the most stringent criteria, the themed mountains have gained a quality guarantee for unbeatable mountain experiences focussing on a range of different activities.More

Conference facilities at Filzalmsee

In addition, a several centuries-old farmhouse, equipped with modern conference facilities, provides a venue for seminars and training courses amidst the mountains of Hochbrixen.