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Flugschule Westendorf


TRADITION COMMITTED! The flight school Westendorf was founded in 1974, at that time it was one of the first in Europe. In the 80s, the training of Pragleiterpiloten has been started. Since then thousands of students and tandem passengers have been tought how to fly.

Whether you want to try yourself with a trial course or want to be accompanied by one of our experienced tandem pilots, we are your partner! Of course, we also offer all courses from beginner to professional for prospective and independent pilots, and in our shop you will find everything the paragliding heart desires.

Opening Times:
May until Oktober
Good weather: daily 10.00am - 4.00pm

Flight school Westendorf 25% discount

Trial course
Adults EUR 56,00 instead of EUR 75,00
Youth (until 20 years) + Students EUR 45,00 instead of EUR 60,00

*valid if you purchase a cable car experience card from 1-14 days or a cable car experience season pass

Paragliding trial course

Time: approx.. 4-5 hours incl. transportation to the training area
Paragliding equipment incl. insurance

Appointments upon request


Flugschule Westendorf
Bergliftstr. 22
A-6363 Westendorf

Tel.: +43 676 8476 17200 oder +43 676 847617400