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Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve


Every year in May the witches in the BergErlebnisWelt Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve open their doors for the entire family. In all weather conditions and daily from 8:45 am to 5:00 pm, young and old alike experience nature and its great and small wonders at countless stations that invite you to get active. Hexenwasser is a place for explorers, dreamers, curious people and all those who have not yet forgotten how to be amazed.

new this summer season 2020

Wind, turn, walk, wonder ... There is a lot of movement in the Hexenwasser.

In 2020 you will find the witches in the new "Hexerei" - a "witch center" - where you can work, simmer, do magic and be amazed. They had been looking for their own witch house for a long time. In 2020, their wish will be fulfilled: the "Hexerei" is ready to move into and is now the home of the Hexenwasser witches. There you can visit the friendly ladies with pointed hats. To do this, simply follow the path through the witch's door into the forest of wishing stones, springs, ferns and mushrooms to the great barn gate of witchcraft.

The old 8-seater gondola lift will be replaced by a modern 10-seater gondola lift by August 2020 so that gondola riding will be a “real experience” in the future. "Almost as beautiful as a flight on a witch's broom" is the ride with the new interactive Hexenwasser gondola.

In addition to the new Hexenwasser adventure gondola lift with “narrative gondolas”, the new valley and mountain station and an oversized landmark, the “Rabennest Shop”, the existing pond in Hochsöll was redesigned according to the witch style.

Dancing brooms, a sleeping witch, who looks under or out of the water depending on the movement, and seat stones, which invite you to linger under many witch umbrellas, offer a welcome cool-off on hot summer days.

opening hours 2020

The new 10-person gondola Hexenwasser from Söll to Hexenwasser will open in 1st of August 2020. The Hohe Salve gondola lift from Hexenwasser to the Hohe Salve will be open daily from 9:00 am to 4:45 pm from July 11, 2020. The inns, the barefoot path, the water and reservoirs as well as the hiking trails in the Hexenwasser and on the Hohe Salve are open as soon as possible.

The Hexenwasser can be reached from Hopfgarten via the Hohe Salve with the Salvenbahn I and II and the Gondelbahn Hohe Salve from 11 July 2020. (Mountain Railway Experience Card or Kitzbühel Summer Card required)

From 01.08. the all weather and supervised Hexenwasser Erlebnis Stationen Rabennest, Blaues Wunder, Bienenhaus, Hexerei and Simonalm are open again in full extent

The Hohe Salve – the highpoint of Hexenwasser

Get up high in the Keatlift
“Float” conveniently up to Hexenwasser’s high point, the Hohe Salve – this is possible thanks to the Keat lift, which takes families and less experienced hikers a good deal closer to the summit. At the top station of the Keat lift, there is a wonderful hiking paradise to suit everyone. Here you have a total of ten easy and idyllic hiking trails to choose from. Particularly fascinating is the Mountain Springs Hike on the theme of spring water and Alpine pastures. This walking trail invites you to explore the many natural springs around the Hohe Salve.