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Raven's Nest

The raven's nest is a cosy place full of secrets and treasures for raven parents and raven children.

It is a fallacy that ravens are not caring parents. "Raven parents" look after their offspring with devotion, stay together with the same partner for life and raise their young as a couple. They take great care of their offspring, feed them and defend them. But young ravens and crows quickly fall out of the nest and then hop around on the ground seemingly abandoned - which probably led to the expression "raven parents" and gave their unjustly bad reputation. Just as the reputation of witches is not always good.

In any case, the witch in the raven's nest looks after me like a real raven mother and reveals one or two secrets about her intelligent black companion. It is well known that ravens and crows like to collect glittering stones, jewellery, coins and other treasures in addition to small treats. I can find all such treasures in the raven's nest.

Here you will find everything for a healthy picnic, witch water and beautiful bottles, lots of souvenirs, witch brooms and witch hats, games, T-shirts, tees and many other beautiful things from the region - for yourself or various souvenirs for your loved ones at home.

I will find a place to linger on the terrace or in the seating area.

In the Raven's Nest together with the witch Isabella...

  • ... I can explore the world of the witches treasures.
  • ... I can blow soap bubbles and let them dance in the wind.