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Andreas Ager, the landlord at the Stöcklalm, has worked with artist Dominique Rebourgeon and "cow whisperer" Martin Ott from Switzerland to create a unique "cow shed experience", the like of which has never been seen before.

Though the theme "Understanding cows" might seem trivial, it is in fact almost inexhaustible, which is why this summer Hexenwasser has chosen to place the cow on a pedestal so that we can appreciate her fully. Wanting to try to really focus on this fascinating animal and restore the rather neglected friendship between man and cow. To do so, everyone had to become real "cow-minders", with the help of Martin Ott, the Hexenwasser’s cow whisperer and the visionary Matthias Schenk. The local farmers, who know their cows better than anyone, have also been extremely helpful.

When I visit the cows, donkeys and chickens, I also have the chance to view Dominique Rebourgeon’s very impressive art, and you’re bound to learn one or two new things.