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Rainy weather programme

Fun in all weathers in the 7 theme parks

Rain or shine, the 7 BergErlebnisWelten always offer me a colourful programme. Even if the sun is not shining, I don't mind the rain at all. Because on the mountains of the Wilder Kaiser - Brixental summer cableways I am offered lots of opportunities to have fun in nature even in bad weather!

Hexenwasser Söll

Even when it rains, the witches wait for me in the Hexenwasser to introduce me to their witchcraft. The supervised stations are quickly reached by the Hexenwasser gondola lift and not only offer me a sheltered roof over my head, but I can also lend a hand there myself, work with the witches and cook.

Hohe Salve Hopfgarten

Even when the weather is bad, I can experience a lot on Tyrol's most beautiful mountain Hohe Salve: The Salvenkirchlein is Austria's highest church and has a few legends and stories to offer. The summit innkeeper tells me exciting stories about the magical "Wetterstein" and the landlady lets me experience how real Tyrolean Kirchtags-Kiachl are pulled and baked (every Wednesday at lunchtime).

I can play hide and seek around the Salven giant. Well, who can find me again?

Kleine Salve Itter

Protected from wind and weather, I ride the new Salvistabahn up to the Kleine Salve. Once there, I might catch a glimpse of the big sister, the Hohe Salve. From the Kleine Salve, I hike quite comfortably sheltered on a wide forest path in the forest to the middle station of the Salvistabahn, to stop at the KRAFTalm and watch the cloud dances and raindrops behind the window pane.
After a visit to the Kraftalm chapel, take the cable car back down to the valley.

Kleine Salve

Kleine Salve
Kleine Salve

with its summit at 1565 m above sea level, it is a well-developed local recreation destination with incredible views!More

KaiserWelt Scheffau

In the KaiserLaden, I find not only the old emperor's gems, but many other treasures.
I can give free rein to my creativity in the Imperial Craft Room (during the holiday season) and tinker and play to my heart's content. In KaiserWelt there are covered play stations and in KaiserWald I can hide in the tree huts and enchanted passages.


KaiserWelt Scheffau

KaiserWelt Scheffau
KaiserWelt Scheffau

18.05.2023 - 26.10.2023Playing at KaiserWelt, relaxing by the Jochstub’nsee More

Alpinolino Westendorf

From the middle station of the Alpenrosen cable car, I hike along the Holzwurmweg back down into the valley. New action-packed puzzles await me there. The time out in nature flies by and I don't mind the weather at all. The Woodworm Trail is just the thing for little mountain enthusiasts and nature explorers like me!

Ellmi's Zauberwelt Ellmau

Weather, wind and rain bring mysticism to my visit to Ellmi's magic world. The fog hangs almost mystically in the trees of the enchanted forest. Everything seems to be upside down in the Verkehrte Alm, and I find shelter in the Mondstadl and the Wetterhäuschen. The funicular museum invites me into the history of cable cars.