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Alpinolino Westendorf


The Alpinolino Westendorf, the Alpine Explorer Park on the adventure terrain of the Talkaser (1,770 m) in Westendorf, is all about fun and adventure.

I can find new wonders under every stone! With the “wow” factor ever-present, the Alpinolino in Westendorf offers something for kids of all kinds on an exciting voyage of discovery between the Talkaser and the Choralpe.

Various themed trails – the “Himmelsteig”, “Holzwurmweg” and “Adlerhorst” – offer a wide selection of puzzles, fun and plenty more natural wonders for me. The Alpinolino kids’ festival, open to all children from 4 to 12 years of age, is an especially cool event held each Monday in July and August from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Our “Spoggolino” rolling ball run, guaranteeing plenty of fun for young and old alike up on the Choralpe! So I am curious to see what’s new!

There is also a magnificent panoramic hike for everyone to enjoy! The Kreuzjöchl Lake is one of the region’s most popular hiking destinations. Located at an altitude of some 1,700 metres, the lake blends harmoniously into the unique mountain scenery. The wonderful panoramas in particular make the easy walk well worth your while; here I can see for myself why the grassy slopes of the Kitzbühel Alps are so popular. The Westendorf Alpenrosen lift brings me comfortably back to the tour’s starting point, the Talkaser.



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Attention summiteers!

Attention summiteers!
Attention summiteers!

Our lifts are the Best Austrian Summer Lifts and offer Austria’s biggest mountain experience! Scrutinised with the most stringent criteria, the themed mountains have gained a quality guarantee for unbeatable mountain experiences focussing on a range of different activities.More