Only those ski courses which have been arranged with the agreement of the competent school authorities and who in turn have issued a school confirmation will be treated as school ski courses.

The minimum number of participants not including teachers must amount to 20 pupils. Participants in these school ski courses will receive the children’s group price.
The pupils‘ dates of birth must be clearly visible on the list of participants.
The accompanying teachers will receive one free ticket for every 10 pupils.
This free ticket can, however, only be issued to teachers whose names have been included on the school’s letter of confirmation. If fewer staff take part in school ski courses, there is no entitlement to free tickets for pupils.

It is not possible to grant any deduction should you choose not to ski for any period during the ski week. In this case we would draw your attention to the “5 days in 7 Option”.
Commencing the ski course at midday or ending in the morning
do not allow for any price reduction for the ski pass.

For school ski courses which satisfy all the above conditions the prices are calculated to include all discounts to which you are entitled:

School Ski Courses 2019-20

Ticket type Low season
07.12. - 20.12.2019
14.03. - 13.04.2020
High season
21.12.2019 - 13.04.2020
Day pass EUR 20,50 EUR 23,00
Combi-Ticket 1 1/2 days EUR 33,00 EUR 36,50
2-day pass EUR 37,50 EUR 44,00
Combi-Ticket 2 1/2 days EUR 48,00 EUR 56,50
3-day pass EUR 57,00 EUR 67,00
4-day pass EUR 73,50 EUR 86,50
5-day pass EUR 95,00 EUR 111,50
Choose 5 in 7 days EUR 99,50 EUR 117,00
6-day pass EUR 108,00 EUR 127,00
7-day pass EUR 120,50 EUR 142,00
14-day pass EUR 185,50 EUR 218,50

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