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Austria's greatest mountain experience

Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve, Ellmi´s Zauberwelt, Pony Alm & Astbergsee Going, KaiserWelt Scheffau, RiesenWelt Brixen im Thale, Hohe Salve and Alpinolino – these are the 7 unique mountain theme parks of the summer lift operators Wilder Kaiser - Brixental, which invite me to many adventures.

From May until November I can reach all 7 theme parks the cable cars and lifts; most of the cable cars are suitable for both children’s pushchairs and wheelchairs. Lively interaction at the adventure stations in the magic worlds, the play and discovery parks, the sparkling lakes and rustic alpine huts are guaranteed to fill me but alsoexplorers and adventurers, both big and small, with enthusiasm.


Kleine Salve

Kleine Salve
Kleine Salve

with its summit at 1565 m above sea level, it is a well-developed local recreation destination with incredible views!More