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DAV Alpenrosenhütte

Alpenrosenhuette Sommer
Alpenrosenhuette Sommer

Home-style cooking with organic and local products Under the motto: "This is what the mountains taste like"

Breakfast buffet:
pastry (various breads), butter, jam, cheese, sausage, spread, 1 egg

Drinks incl. 1 glass of orange juice + 1 hot drink

breakfast daily from 8 until 10 am

Buffet breakfast - starting from 20 persons
different types of bread, sausage, bacon, cheese, honey, homemade jam, bacon and egg, spreads, homemade yoghurt with muesli, fresh fruits, salamon, homemade cakes, 2 hot beverages (coffee, tea or hot chocolate), 1 glass of orange juice


Nachtsöllberg 93
6363 Westendorf

PHONE. +43 5334 6488