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Alpengasthof Rigi

Whenever I wake up early in the morning, I like to take an early morning hike to Alpengasthof Rigi. Here, I can enjoy a hearty breakfast, while watching the sun rise.

Alpengasthof Rigi
Alpengasthof Rigi

There’s an extended breakfast menu, with a choice of breakfasts named ‘ladies breakfast’, ‘mountain breakfast’ and ‘Rigi breakfast’. I can choose one of those, but I can also choose whatever other tasty options.
Freshly baked bread, homemade yoghurt with fresh fruits, marmalade, bacon and eggs, several spreads, prosecco and even lots more.

When I’ve slept in and am too late for breakfast, it’s always an option to have brunch here.


Tel.: +43 5335 2430