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Gipfelalm Hohe Salve

When I arrive at the top of the Hohe Salve, I’m overwhelmed by the 360 panoramic views on Austria’s highest peaks. Maybe I can find a spot on the turning terrace, it will give me the same unique view during breakfast.

Gipfelalm Hohe Salve
Gipfelalm Hohe Salve

Mountain peak breakfast

The breakfast that is served up here is as overwhelming as the views. I enjoy Magdalena’s artisan bread, the creamy spreads that are soaked with Alpine mountain herbs, homemade marmalade, bacon and locally made mountain cheese and lots more. Peter flips the fried eggs directly from his pan onto my plate.
New: I can get a taste of the first homemade Tyrolean pastrami.


Tel. +43 5335 2216