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"Blaues Wunder" at Hexenwasser

Indoor area with 250 m²

Dive into the secrets and mysteries of water!

With this new installation, Hexenwasser and its visitors engage in an exploratory and experimental journey, the course of which cannot be foreseen. The “Blaues Wunder”, or Blue Wonder, is an attempt to trace the “source of life” in a fun way. I often take water for granted in everyday life, but in the Blaues Wunder its peculiarities get revealed – I prepare myself to be amazed!

Whether at the current table or whirlpool, reconstructing a watercourse or studying the drops and sand structures formed by water.

At the Hexenwasser Söll - Hohe Salve theme park, the sprites of the Söll cable car have been busy making the “Blaues Wunder” (blue wonder) even more wonderful, with new stations on the subject of spring water.

In "Blaues Wunder" I can follow the adivce of the witches...

  • ... by recreation the course of the mountain stream in the mudslide.
  • ... experience a blue miracle in the water experiments.