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Bee House in Hexenwasser

"Don't be afraid of bees" is the motto in the bee house of Hexenwasser.

How the bees make honey from light and why it is dark in the beehive, I can find the answers in the bee house.

Here I can observe the life of the bees right into their hive. With a bit of luck I will discover the queen bee in the middle of her swarm. An employee explains the beekeeper's work and shows me his instruments.

I can even "dance" the bees' tail dance and observe it in the bee garden at the flight holes. As I walk through this figure, the bees tell each other where there are which flowers, at what distance and in what quantity. By the position of the sun, the bees receive the compass direction and the time period for their flight. And now the word EXCURSION appears in a new light and studying the bees reveals the meaning of an excursion: foraging for food, harvesting remedies, swarming and looking for a new home.

In the dark corridor I can enter a recreated beehive and experience the darkness of the hive with all my senses! In their hive it is dark and pitch black. In this darkness, the bees "see" and indicate to us that there is still a SEEING that does not depend on light. In the darkness, my other senses come forward and I hear, smell, taste, touch to orientate and reassure ourselves.