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Sonnwendfeuer on the Hartkaiser


The Sonnwendfeuer has a long tradition here in Tyrol and is a true spectacle.
Fires are lit on the mountains to increase the power of the sun and keep evil away from humans and animals.
From the Hartkaiser - at an altitude of 1,550 metres - you can enjoy the perfect view of the Wilder Kaiser with its glowing chain of lights!
The ascent is possible with the Hartkaiserbahn cable car, which runs continuously until midnight on this day!
There will be a barbecue evening on the terrace of the Bergkaiser Panorama Restaurant/Kaiserlounge.

Ticket prices

Special evening rate for the ascent and descent on the Hartkaiserbahn (from 17:00):

Adults: € 27,50 per person
Adults with guest card: € 26,50 per person
Youth: € 21,00 per person
Youth with guest card: € 20,00 per person
Child: € 14,00 per person
Child with guest card: € 13,50 per person

Children 2009 - 2019 and youth 2006 - 2008. The middle station remains closed in the evening.

Group rate

Adults: € 25,00 per person
Youth: € 19,00 per person
Child: € 12,50 per person

Valid from 20 persons

Barbecue evening in the Bergkaiser panorama restaurant and in the Kaiserlounge

Catering and drinks will also be provided. The Kaiserlounge and the Bergkaiser panorama restaurant will be open for you on this evening.

Info about the barbecue evening

Panorama restaurant Bergkaiser

Adults: € 31,00 per person
Children: € 17,00 per person

Getränke nicht inkludiert! Keine Reservierung Möglich!


Adult: € 31,00 per person
Children: € 17,00 per person

Getränke nicht inkludiert


Bergbahnen Wilder Kaiser GmbH
Weissachgraben 5
AT-6352 Ellmau

Telefon +43 5358 2320