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Mountain Summer begins: Six at once!

SkiWelt: 6 mountain adventure parks

Into your hiking boots, up to the mountains and away from the daily routine: from the start of Mountain Summer in May, to the "steaming" Mountain and Midsummer Fires and the culinary Alpine Festival in autumn, the Wilder Kaiser - Brixental Region lift operators are working at top speed! The change of season is a particularly intense experience in the mountains: from the lush green pastures of spring, crimson alpine roses of summer to the golden hues of autumn, nature calls you to "hike in three seasons". The power of the mountains generates maximum freedom of movement and gives you everything you need to recharge your batteries: an unspoiled holiday destination with impressive mountain scenery, sparkling lakes, lush alpine pastures and cosy mountain huts. With its 6 mountain adventure parks, the Wilder Kaiser - Brixental region is considered the biggest natural playground in the Alps. Under the motto "6 at once", they are all easily accessible thanks to the Wilder Kaiser - Brixental Region lift operators. Whether Lake Filzalm in Hochbrixen, Ellmi's Zauberwelt - magical world on the Hartkaiser, the Hohe Salve Hopfgarten Söll, KaiserWelt on the Brandstadl, Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve or Alpinolino on the Choralpe - all invite you on an "endless" journey of discovery. The Ellmau lifts start as early as 17.05.13; from 18.05.13 the lifts in Brixen, Söll, Scheffau, Westendorf and Hopfgarten also get going; continual daily summer service is until 20.10.13 (Ellmau until 27.10.13). With the free Kaiserjet hiking bus, hopping on and off makes travel between the villages of Söll, Ellmau, Scheffau and Going stress-free and environmentally friendly too. So the mountains become the perfect destination for family experiences, activities, adventure and relaxation.

Further Information:
SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental Marketing GmbH
Dorf 84
AT-6306 Söll
Telefon: +43 (0)5333 400-0
Fax: +43 (0)5333 400-9100