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Mountain Fires & Kaiser`s Alpine Festival

Midsummer Fires & Brixental Mountain Fires:

Every Peak in the Region aflame

SkiWelt: ...the mountains blaze

Mountains clearly play such a huge role, especially around the Wilder Kaiser and in the Kitzbühel Alps, and their peaks continue to be the focus of attention in summertime too. Anyone looking for unique experiences in this area can't go wrong with the Wilder Kaiser - Brixental Region lift operators (summer service May until October). Even back in ancient times, mountains were considered the home of the Gods; the lighting of fires is therefore an ancient custom, which is still practiced today. For Midsummer (22.06.13), the mountain peaks around the "Koasa" will be the stars of an impressive show. Even by daylight, blazing enthusiasm is guaranteed: alpine roses are in full bloom in midsummer and cover the mountains with a glorious crimson carpet. Then in the evening, fires are lit on all peaks of the Wilder Kaiser as well as on the Hartkaiser, Brandstadl, Hohe Salve, Choralpe and across the entire Kitzbühel Alps - a show of natural splendour, clearly visible from the mountains in the Wilder Kaiser - Brixental region, that leaves behind a long-lasting impression. Glowing fervour is also aroused at sociable gatherings by the fire with music and dance, food and drink. The party mood extends to all the lifts in the Wilder Kaiser - Brixental region, which continue to run until midnight. Then in August, the mountains around the Wilder Kaiser blaze once more. At the Brixental Mountain Fires (10.08.13), symbols of local clubs burn on the freshly mown mountain fields: cows and bulls, emblems and letters are easy to recognize. It takes about 40,000 torches to achieve this mystical display. The Mountain Fires, or Bergleuchten as they are known locally, are also famous far across the borders of Tyrol.

“The Kaiser’s Alpine Festival” with Cattle Drive and Farmers’ Market

Alpine Festivals

Thanks to the Wilder Kaiser - Brixental Region lift operators, going up and down the mountains to find wonderful walks and alpine impressions becomes really easy. From the end of September, when the dairy farmers and Alpine shepherds drive their cattle down from the mountains and into the valleys, the Alpine Festivals and Almabtriebe (traditional alpine cattle drives) present a colourful display. As a way of expressing thanks for everyone having survived the summer in the mountains, the cows are adorned magnificently with bells, wreaths, proverbs and holy images. With traditional music, regional food, farmers' markets, heritage groups and folk dancers, the cattle and herdsmen are welcomed warmly back into the valley. Every village in the Wilder Kaiser - Brixental region celebrates this time with Alpine Festivals, a delightful blend of natural pleasures and Tyrolean tradition. Such a festival is celebrated over four days and consists of tradition and fun for both young and old. Boys perform the legendary "Schuhplattler" dance while folk and local music groups provide atmospheric background music. At the farmers' market alpine delicacies are in abundance - from Krapfen and Kiachln (varieties of doughnut) to Speck (smoked bacon) and Alpine cheeses. And at the arts and crafts stalls craftspeople demonstrate their skills. There's plenty to amuse the little ones at the petting zoo or with a pony ride too.

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