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After exhaustive planning, countless meetings and the final submission of the paperwork, we finally got the go ahead from the planning authorities. This was followed, on 24th July 08, by the first cut of the spade to mark the start of the building of the Choralmbahn in Westendorf. This new lift will replace the Alpenrose chairlift. The valley station is situated at the end of the Windau run no. 111 near the Gassnerwirt inn.

The route taken by the lift is via a halfway station (near the Maierhof mountain inn) to the mountain station on the Choralpe. This route means it is possible to get on or off (uphill) at the halfway station and it provides a quick and comfortable means of return to the Choralpe (valley run Kandleralm to Brixen). At the same time the new Choralmbahn means it is no longer necessary to return to the Alpenrosenbahn by bus.

In the course of building the Choralmbahn, the Windau run (no. 111) will also be improved, with work carried out on the ski slope’s route. The whole descent will also be equipped with 100% snow making facilities to offer an absolute snow guarantee.