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New at Ellmi’s Zauberwelt

In summer 2016, you can dive into Ellmi’s Zauberwelt in Ellmau via the new 10-seater gondola, the “Hartkaiserbahn” (with mid station). The ride alone on the ultramodern cable car, with breathtaking views of the Wilder Kaiser, is an experience in itself! Having arrived at Ellmi’s Zauberwelt Ellmau, the adventure continues:

  • Many upgrades will take you by surprise at the stations and the two-way system through Ellmi’s Zauberwelt has been improved. Your host, Ellmi the magic frog, has spruced himself up especially for the occasion and also prepared a new map to help his visitors find their way around his magical world.
  • All games fans can also look forward to a continuation of the game concept “The Secret of the Goblin King” and anyone wanting to take a piece of Ellmi’s Zauberwelt home with them will be sure to find something special in the Ellmi Shop on the Hartkaiser.
Ellmi's Zauberwelt