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Hartkaiserbahn Ellmau (News in 2015/16)

Brand new 10-seater gondola Hartkaiserbahn

After 44 years of service and carrying 34 million passengers, time is being called on the old Hartkaiser funicular railway. The old funicular railway is being replaced with an ultra-modern 10-seater extra-large gondola lift exploiting every aspect of the latest lift technology. The new Hartkaiserbahn will be one of the most modern cable cars in the world!

In less than nine minutes passengers will be transported from Ellmau to a height of 1,530 metres. The total length is more than 2.1 kilometres with an altitude gain of 703 metres.

Another completely new feature will be the possibility of boarding and alighting in the newly built intermediate station.

A new dimension in comfort, service and speed

It will now be able to transport 3,200 people an hour, twice the previous capacity of 1,500; all the cabins provide disabled access and are equipped with Wi-Fi and heated seats for the ascent and descent and, with a particularly long access platform (eight metres longer than before), will provide comfortable and relaxed boarding with no pushing and shoving – the advantages of which families with small children in particular will appreciate.

NEW: 10er XLarge gondola at SkiWelt Ellmau
NEW: 10er XLarge gondola at SkiWelt Ellmau

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