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Last updated: 06.01.2022

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental has started into what is sure to be a tremendous winter season on Saturday 11 December 2021.

We are already looking forward to spending wonderful days on the slopes with all of you. Even if we don't yet know exactly what to expect in the 2021-22 winter season, we know one thing for sure: The safety and health of all our guests, staff and residents comes first.

We will do everything we can to provide you with unforgettable days on our slopes, as you have come to expect from us. If concrete measures for the skiing areas are issued by the federal government again, we will inform you here immediately. But you can be sure that we will implement the measures in the best possible way, as you have always been used to from us, in order to offer you the best skiing days of the whole year!

Your SkiWelt Team



Measures in force for the winter season

From 15 November 2021, a basic 2G obligation will apply to transport by cable car. This means that only persons who can prove that they meet the requirements of § 1 part 1 Z 1 (vaccinated) and 2 (recovered) may be transported. Antigen tests and PCR tests are no longer valid as proof.

Persons must wear an FFP2 mask in enclosed or coverable means of transport (gondolas, cabins, coverable chairs with domes) as well as in enclosed rooms of the associated stations. In the lift status you will find which lifts this applies to. We ask you to support us in adhering to this regulation, as we did last winter. Only together we can do it. If you need an FFP2 mask, you can buy one at the SkiWelt ticket office for EUR 2. All FFP2 masks that have a CE certificate are approved as FFP2 masks.

It is mandatory to wear a FFP2 face mask in closed and coverable means of transport (gondolas, hooded ski lifts) and in the valley- and mountain stations.
From 11.01.2022: FFP2 mask also outdoors where a two-metres distance is not possible (e.g. queueing area at the cash desk, queueing areas in lifts, gondola lifts, chair lifts, in front of huts, etc.).

Entering Austria

As of Dec 20, 2021 you need a valid proof of vaccination or recent recovery from COVID-19 and a negative PCR-Test result (<72h) in order to enter Austria. In case you have the booster jab, the additional PCR-Test is not necessary.

Virus variant areas (e.g. Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Norway as of Dec 25)
If you come to Austria to from a virus variant area you need to have the booster jab and provide the negative PCR test result (<48h). Otherwise a quarantine is obligatory.

In both cases kids under the age of 12 do not need to provide any proof.

At what point do you count aus boosted?

  • After 3 vaccinations of the vaccines permitted in Austria (Spikevax / Moderna, Comirnaty/BioNTech/Pfizer, Vaxzevria - AstraZeneca, Covishield, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Novavax).
  • According to Johnson/Johnson after first vaccination and one further vaccination as booster you already count as boosted and therefore do not need an additional PCR test for entry.
  • Convalescent + 1st vaccination (in that order).
  • 2 vaccinations + convalescence (in this order).
  • Exceptions: Children with Ninja Pass - Ninja Holiday Pass - here an antigen test or PCR is sufficient depending on availability and pregnant women need a negative PCR test. For commuters the 3G rule applies.
  • Unfortunately, there is currently no special entry rule for day visitors.

Validity period 2G-proof - adults and children

Ski passes are activated for the duration of validity of the 2G certificate. If a 2G certificate is expired, a new proof of 2G has to be presented. This can be done either at our ticket offices or online. In the online portal, type in the number of your ski pass and scan your new QR-code.


In Austria, these vaccinations are accepted for skiing, tourism and outdoor sports: (EMA certified)

  • Comirnaty - BioNTech/Pfizer (2 doses).
  • Spikevax - Moderna (2 doses).
  • Vaxzevria - AstraZeneca (2 doses).
  • Covishield - Serum Institute of India (2 doses).
  • Jansen - Johnson/Johnson (2 doses)
  • Sinopharm/BIBP (2 doses).
  • Sinovac-CoronaVac (2 doses).

QR codes for those who are vaccinated are valid for 9 months after the second or third vaccination.
Also valid: recovered and vaccinated once: 9 months after date of vaccination.

All other vaccinations (like Sputnik V) are not licensed in Austria, based on them failing the EMA certification. These vaccinations are not valid in Austria.

The following can be used as proof of vaccination (Green Pass): the EU yellow vaccination pass (paper), the vaccination card that you've gotten after your vaccinations, a valid QR code.


  • Recovery certificate or certificate of isolation: valid up to 6 months (180 days) after the end of quarantine. A certificate of isolation or a medical confirmation of an infection confirmed by molecular biology is valid as proof.
  • A statement on the amount of anti bodies in your body is not valid as proof of 2G!

Children and adolescents

  • Up to the age of 6, there is no obligation to wear a mask or bring proof of 2G.
  • Up to the age of 14, a tight-fitting mouth-nose protection (like a buff) is sufficient.
  • From the age of 12, a 2G certificate is required.
  • Before the age of 12, no 2G proof is required. Also, no tests are required.

In Austria, school-age children, have a Corona Test Pass (Ninja Pass) which replaces the 2G proof. For children and adolescents from 12 years of age until completion of grade 9 (general compulsory education), the Ninja Pass therefore continues to be valid as proof of a low epidemiological risk, provided that the provisions according to § 19 para. 1 COVID-19 School Ordinance 2021/22 are complied with. During these weeks, the Ninja Pass is also valid on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Children and Youth from foreign countries

There is an alternative regulation for children aged 12-15, born after 1.9.2006, who come on holiday in Austria: the Holiday-Ninja-Pass (see downloadable pdf document): at least 2 PCR-tests plus a antigen test weekly, but even better 3 PCR tests weekly, are accepted as an alternative proof of 2G. This regulation only applies to children aged 12-15 years. A person is considered vaccinated if they can show a certificate that has been issued after the second vaccination.

The Holiday-Ninja-Pass can be started with the negative PCR-test that is required upon entry into Austria. The test cycle can be started on any given day. During the holiday, a valid negative test result is required every day. PCR-tests for school children are valid for 72 hrs, waiting for a test result can take up to 24 hrs. Therefor, PCR-tests should be performed every other day. If these rules are followed during 5 days, the Holiday-Ninja-Pass is also valid during the next two days (day 6 and 7).

The Holiday-Ninja-Pass is valid as proof of 2G for skiing from the first negative PCR-test result that is registrered.

In SkiWelt, PCR tests can be done free of costs in the test lanes in Wörgl, Kufstein and Kitzbühel. You can also make use of the free PCR-gurgl tests that are available at multiple locations. These can be done by a parent with their child. More information below.

If there should be a situation that a PCR test result is not available within 24 hrs or the availability of PCR-tests runs out, you can use a antigen-test performed by a professional as substitute, as long as you can proof the cause of this substitution.

Next to the Holiday-Ninja-Pass, all corresponding negative test results have to be available to check as well.

Beware: besides this regulation for children that don’t go to school in Austria, there can be travel restrictions in place for your return journey and upon entry into your home land.

Free PCR tests

If you want to get tested in Tyrol, you'll have to register online to make use of the free test lanes in Kufstein, Wörgl and Kitzbühel. If you have an Austrian 'soziale Versicherungsnummer', you can also make use of test stations at pharmacies and local general practicioners.

From December 15th on, PCR gurgl-tests are available at more then 350 locations at SPAR supermarkets, Baquettes and miniM. Everyone with a permanent home adress in Tirol or who is a guest and stays overnight (address of your accommodation required) can register and get three PCR-gurgl-tests weekly. With these, you can perform 1 test per person per 24 hrs. Gurgl-tests can be picked up at the till of the partner-outlets and have to be returned there as well. You'll find directions on site. Check out the video for a step-by-step instruction.

Explanation Video I Tirol gurgelt. I

This is how the PCR gargle tests work.

Covid-19 information from our tourist boards


Neue Aufzählung

  • Pregnant women and persons who cannot be vaccinated without risk to life or health are also exempt from the obligation to present a 2-G certificate. Such persons may only be transported by cable car upon presentation of a medical certificate and a valid negative PCR test.
  • In the case of extracurricular youth education and youth work as well as supervised holiday camps, access is permitted with valid 2.5 G proof. If PCR tests are not available, antigen tests are also permitted. The maximum number of persons is 25.

Safe2Ski - 2G checks in the ski area


SkiWelt ski pass purchase & season tickets

The ski pass is only activated for the period of validity of the 2G proof. After expiry, a new 2G certificate must be presented. This can either be done on site at the ticket office or online. In the latter case, the ticket number can be entered online or the QR code can be scanned.

Online Ticket Shop

In the SkiWelt online ticket shop, all guests can conveniently top up their ski passes or order them home as they choose. Please note that postal delivery also takes a few days. Here, too, we guarantee you the greatest possible security. The value on unredeemed ski passes remains 100%, of course. This value can be redeemed at 100% at a later date, e.g. in the following season. The same applies to gift vouchers.

Purchase of a ski ticket and procedure with the current measures


  • Step 1: Buy the ticket at the cash desk.
  • Step 2: The staff at the cash desk link the ticket number with the 2G proof and thus the ski ticket is activated.


  • Step 1: Buy the ticket in the online shop
  • Step 2: Link the ticket with the 2G proof - enter the ticket number and scan the QR code (green pass, health certificate, vaccination certificate).

The tool for self-linking is Safe2Ski.


Huts & Gastronomy

Mountain restaurants are opened again this winter. The access measures can be found in the new graduated plan.
Après ski will only be possible under strict rules, analogous to night gastronomy.

Closing time for gastronomy from 22.00 hrs onwards

All restaurants are closed after 11pm

Nightclubs, bars etc. are closed

  • Level 1: Access with 3G proof (vaccinated, recovered, tested = self-test valid 24h, supervised antigen test valid 24h, PCR test valid 72h).
  • Stage 2: Antigen tests with self-testing ("living room tests") and antibody tests are no longer valid as proof of access
  • Stage 3: Antigen tests are no longer valid as proof of entry. Only vaccinated or recovered or PCR-tested are valid.
  • Stage 4: From 08.11.2021 tests are no longer valid as proof of admission. Only vaccinated or recovered are valid.
  • Stage 5: Exit restrictions for all who are not vaccinated or recovered.

Over 80 rustic huts are looking forward to welcoming you again this season.

Ski schools

Ski- and snowboard instructors who make use of cable cars and ski lifts for their work are , just like participants of ski classes and courses, obliged to comply to the 2G-rule. In closed means of transport or those who can be closed, a FFP2 mask is required. This also applies to closed areas in the valley- and mountain stations.

Entry requirements and further questions

From December 20th on, entry rules for Austria are tightened to stop the global growth of the Omikron variant. Entry in to Austria is only possible for those who are vaccinated or recovered, who also bring a valid negative PCR test result (2G+). This rule to bring a valid proof of 2G and an extra PCR-test enables tourists to travel to other countries. Those who already have gotten a third vaccination are exempt from the requirement to bring a valid PCR-test.

Austrians and EU citizens who want to enter Austria without a valid proof of 2G have to stay in quarantine for 10 days in Austria. After 5 days, it is possible to do a PCR-test to end the quarantine. Exemptions (such as for children (Ninja Pass - Holiday Nina Pass), pregnant women and people who live in the border-area) are in place.

For all other countries, entry into Austria is only possible without quarantine for those who are vaccinated or recovered. Children and youth up to 17 years of age can travel with these adults without the requirement of quarantine, children aged 12 - 17 have to be PCR-tested, vaccinated or recovered. Here, the Holiday-Ninja-Pass regulation applies. For those who are not vaccinated and not recovered, a valid negative PCR-test and a 10-day quarantine are required. After at least 5 days of quarantine, a PCR-test can be performed to shorten the quarantine period.

If you travel to Austria from one of the non-EU countries, you’ll have to register online before you start your journey (Pre-Travel-Clearance). You’ll find the online Form here.

Other measures may apply for entry into Tirol/Austria than for the use of the mountain railways.
Tirol provides daily updated information for entry and return:


Here you can find all the direct contact details of our SkiWelt marketing office for all general cable car or ski region enquiries. If you have a specific question about a cable car, please contact the facility directly. If you have a question concerning your chosen accommodation, our colleagues at the tourist offices will be happy to help.

To the information of the SkiWelt locations

SkiWelt locations Covid-19 info page Phone number Mail
Brixen - TVB Kitzbüheler Alpen - Brixental Zur Webseite 0043 57507 2200
Ellmau - TVB Wilder Kaiser Zur Webseite 0043 50509 410
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Hopfgarten - TVB Ferienregion Hohe Salve Zur Webseite 0043 57507 7100
Itter - TVB Ferienregion Hohe Salve Zur Webseite 0043 57507 7200
Kelchsau - TVB Ferienregion Hohe Salve Zur Webseite 0043 57507 7200
Scheffau - TVB Wilder Kaiser Zur Webseite 0043 50509 310
Söll - TVB Wilder Kaiser Zur Webseite 0043 50509 210
Westendorf - TVB Kitzbüheler Alpen - Brixental Zur Webseite 0043 57507 2300
Kufsteinerland Zur Webseite 0043 5372 62207

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