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Bike Tour: Lake Trail

Starting point: Hopfgarten cable car

Trail Description

Ascent on the Salvenbahn I (up to the Hopfgarten mid lift station) – Hohe Salve reservoir– Salvensee lake – Filzalmsee lake – Brixen i. Thale – Hopfgarten

Duraton: 2.5 hrs.
Length: 21 km
Elevation gain: 550 metres

Already in the first 400 uphill metres, two beautiful lakes invite you to linger and relax. Views of the Brixen Valley and Kitzbühel Alps make your efforts worthwhile. From the Salvensee lake at 1,550 m, a hiking path leads you to the Filzalmsee; you will need to push your bike for short passages here. From the Filzalmsee, which again invites you to stop and enjoy, it’s downhill to Brixen, further on the cycle path to Westendorf and from there finally back to Hopfgarten.