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The fun is rolling

With the fun ball track "Spoggolino" around the Choralpe (1,820 m) one thing is guaranteed: Young and old alike will "roll over" with fun, because there's always something going on in the Spoggolino! Down at the valley station of the Alpenrosen cable car and up at the Spoggolino, I can get myself nice big wooden balls and then send them through the ball track at high speed. My ball makes great jumps, (almost) flies out of the curve and makes music if necessary! I jump like a rabbit next to the track, together with my friends.

Tyrol's longest marble run:
The "Spoggolino" marble run will be extended until the summer, making it the longest marble run in Tyrol. In addition, the marble run will be extended to two tracks so that the children can see which one is more skilful.


The starting point of "Spoggolino" is at the Choralpe Westendorf. The ball track leads along a gravel path to the Alpenrosenbahn mountain station.

Mountain restaurants & huts

  • Berggasthof Talkaser
  • Panoramarestaurant Choralpe