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Marmota, the youngest child of the Murmel family, has disappeared. I help Bert the eagle to find her! The little one has left traces all along the Himmelsteig - I follow them and collect new clues to her whereabouts. Maybe mountain dwellers like the woodpecker, the ermine or Mrs Mouse can help me in my search?


With a breathtaking mountain panorama, you discover 14 educational stations of the Tyrolean mountains with their animals and plants. As a souvenir of the Himmelsteig hike, you have the opportunity to take a photo at the Fotopoint station. Simply download and send!

Possible combinations

  • From the mountain station towards the middle station to the woodworm trail
  • From the top station to the hiking trail in the direction of Kreuzjöchlsee lake


  • Chapel
  • Marmot field
  • Viewpoint
  • Souvenir photo at the Fotopoint station
  • Archery course on the mountain with 28 stations at the middle station near the Holzwurmweg

Mountain restaurants & huts

  • Panoramarestaurant Choralpe