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Hop, Hop, on the woddworm

For little mountain experts and nature explorers like me!
The woodworm trail entices with "worm-tastic" puzzle fun: new action-packed stations all about drilling, winching and stone-hopping. Are you excited? I'll grab my mum and dad and off we go! The early bird catches the worm ... In any case, the 1.5 hour walk from the middle station to the valley flies by.

Bergbahn Westendorf Alpinolino


At the Alpinolino discovery park, play, fun and adventure in the world of nature, animals and mountains come first.
The "Woodworm Trail" starts at the middle station of the Alpenrosen cable car and leads past numerous mountain inns to the valley station in Westendorf.

Mountain restaurants & huts

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  • Gasthaus Alte Mittel
  • Berggasthof Zieplhof