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SkiWelt Westendorf for experiences

Westendorf is fun! Thanks to its Boarders Playground©, Westendorf offers THE funpark for the entire region. From beginner to pro, a fresh challenge awaits all riders here with the park being constantly newly designed, built and shaped – there is no such thing as routine at the Boarders Playground©.

At the exercise meadow in the valley, the "Mini Playground©" is ready. A funpark for beginners and younger riders, it comprises an easy line with mini jump line and mini rail line, ensuring endless fun with slightly smaller obstacles than those found at the Boarders Playground©.

Westendorf is definitely one of the best freeriding spots in the Tyrolean Lowlands. Shadowy slopes, cliffs, long runs into the valley…basically, everything you would expect from a first-rate freeride destination.

In Westendorf, you can turn night into day at the many bars located in the village centre and/or try some night skiing on the Schneeberg (run no. 126).