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New highlights at Hexenwasser 2022


New this summer at Hexenwasser Söll in the Simonalm is the "Eilight" chicken museum. The secrets of the chicken egg, "Which came first, egg or hen?" are preserved, expanded and deepened in the "Eilight". An everyday object that everyone knows becomes a significant and life-scientific event. The aim is an instructive, humorous walk through the Simonalm for children and adults with interactive and experimental productions, all about the chicken egg, the chicken coop and the chick nursery.

Also new this year is the "Witches' Flying School", which consists of various swings, playground equipment, "Flying Hex" and much more for children and adults. Furthermore, free broom tours through the "witchery" take place daily from 9:30 - 15:30. NEW in the witch's barn is the "hat and broom flying school". Not only the witches have to learn to fly, but also the brooms and hats. The hats and brooms are set in motion by various means of propulsion.