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The HEXEREI - the witch centre

The story of the witches was not conjured up out of a hat, but the legend of the Söll witches of Juffing and Saukogl has already been handed down from the 16th century - so it is as old as the hills.

For many years now, the friendly, wise Hexenwasser witches have been reviving old legends, customs, myths and traditional knowledge. But unfortunately, there was never a real witch's house on the mountain, like the ladies from the Söll legend. "As if bewitched", an old farm, just like the farm of the Juffinger and Saukoglhexe, moved into Hexenwasser in autumn 2019. The beautiful old house is a living witness to the craftsmanship and living culture of earlier generations and has housed the witch's kitchen, witch's room, making room and sewing room since 2020. Here I can meet our witches and work, cook and, of course, cast spells with them.

The path through the witch's door into the forest of wishing stones, springs, ferns and mushrooms to the great witch's barn door is also a mystical adventure.

Hexenwasser experiences – (included services)

As an apprentice witch in witchcraft, I can...

  • ... go in the well room
  • ... watch the witches through peepholes and listening funnels
  • ... explore the forest of stones

HeXpeditions - Witchcraft lessons

as a warlock in witchcraft, I can...

  • ... be a guest in the witch's house and go on a little discovery tour in the mystical witch's house.
  • ... go on a witchcraft trip to the bewitched bathroom, the sound bath or the witch's kitchen and parlour.
  • ... take part in a witch knowledge lesson, because there is a herb for every sorrow and the witches pass on their precious knowledge.