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Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve


Every year in May, the witches at the Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve theme park open their doors to the whole family.

From 9:00 am – 5:30 pm each day, young and old can experience the wonders of nature at 60 wet and wonderful activity stops – with all the senses! On the barefoot path you walk over rough and smooth, across stream and meadow. Feeling nature with your feet revives the organism and is like a reflexology massage.

At the bee theatre, the yellow and black actors honour you with their impressive, specially created waggle dance. Look closely and you might see the busy bees as they enter the stage to deliver their nectar and then dash off to collect more. The buzz concert at the bee theatre is the perfect soundtrack to this comedy.

There are other activity stops at the Hexenwasser Hohe Salve theme park, depending on the season. Along the way, you are guided by skilful witch attendants (11:00 am – 4.30 pm), who also make sure you never fall off your broomstick.

The Hohe Salve – the highpoint of Hexenwasser

The highpoint of the Hexenwasser theme park is the Hohe Salve. You won’t be able to get there by broom, but the “Hohe Salve” gondola will whisk you up quite comfortably. From the gondola you look down over the Hexenwasser theme park and the higher you go, the more expansive the view of the breathtaking mountain world. Once at the top, in good weather you can see over 70 three thousand metre-high peaks. A particular highlight is the revolving panoramic terrace, from where you can enjoy a 360° view of the Kitzbühel Alps, the Großglockner and the Hohe Tauern.
Another much admired attraction is the oversized windharp and 12 sundial stations – whose secrets the Hexenwasser staff are only happy to share with you.

Get up high in 2016 on the new summer lift, the Keatlift

Events at the Hexenwasser - Summer 2016

05.06.2016 Alpine pasture day at the Gründlalm
18.06.2016 Midsummer Festival on the Hohe Salve
10.07.2016 Cherry Festival at Hexenwasser
26.07.2016 St. Anne'S Day service on the Hohe Salve
10.-25.09.2016 Culinary alpine weeks
12.-30.09.2016 Hochsöll's Almherbst (alpine autumn)
18.09.2016 Alpine pasture day at the Gründlalm
22.09.2016 Hochsöll alpine dairyman's festival
01.-16.10.2016 "Autumn's on its way" at the Simonalm
07.-09.10.2016 Tour de Tirol Kaisermarathon - Running event

The Hexenwasser Activity programme

The Hexenwasser Activity programme (14.05.-23.10.2016)

The Witch’s Hearth
11 am – 4.30 pm daily
The history of fire is brought to life at the witch’s hearth – as well as the history of bread. Experience how fire was made the old-fashioned way and how delicious bread was baked in the olden days using freshly ground grain, water, salt and local herbs and spices.
The Witch’s Umbrella
11 am – 4.30 pm daily
When chanting sounds hover above the Hohe Salve, you can be sure it is the singing water bowl at the witch’s umbrellas. To make music fill the air, wet your hands and place them on both handles of the bowl. When you rub the palms of your hands or fingers on the handles, the bowl begins to resonate. A mighty sphere of sound then begins to spread. Here, depending on the pitch, different geometric patterns appear on the surface. See, hear and feel: this game for the senses becomes a fascinating, holistic experience that excites not just the user of the singing water bowl.
The Apiary
11 am – 4.30 pm daily
See a real monarchy at Hexenwasser – at the apiary! Marvel at the busy bees buzzing around the hive entrances, find the guardian bee and queen bee in the display hive and listen to our staff at Hexenwasser explain how honey comes to be on your bread and why bees play a critical role in nature’s cycle.
Grinding grain, baking bread at the Stöcklalm
June till Sept. TUES / FRI / SUN – 11 am
The landlady of the Stöcklalm hut is only too happy to let you look over her shoulder while she kneads a delicious granary loaf and bakes it in the stone oven. You are welcome to bake your own bread and take it home with you too (for a small contribution towards expenses).
Sundial and Wind Harp dailySundial and Wind Harp daily At the summit of the Hohe Salve, an ancient place of ritual and for observing the skies, you begin to feel what “time” really means. Through many small experiments you can discover the secrets of the sun, wind and weather and see how time flows and wind sings. Guided tours daily at 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm and 2 pm.
“Kiachl Making” on the Hohe Salve

Watch how the innkeeper kneads and deep-fries her Tyrolean feast day doughnuts the traditional way, every Wednesday and Thursday
Witch’s Workshop
daily from 1pm
Witch’s broomstick, rings or coins... “Conjure up” your own special memory here.
daily 11am - 3pm
Take a look inside the Simonalm and taste the “Brodakropfen” (cheese-filled doughnuts)

Culinary Delights at Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve

Culinary Delights at Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve
Culinary Delights at Hexenwasser Söll Hohe Salve

Hexenwasser has plenty to offer when it comes to culinary specialities: from bread baking to traditional Tyrolean specialities such as Kirchtagskiachl and BrodakrapfenMore

Attention summiteers!

Attention summiteers!
Attention summiteers!

Our lifts are the Best Austrian Summer Lifts and offer Austria’s biggest mountain experience! Scrutinised with the most stringent criteria, the themed mountains have gained a quality guarantee for unbeatable mountain experiences focussing on a range of different activities.More