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The legend of the Filzalmsee giant

A long, long time ago, a giant spread fear and terror among the people around the Filzalm.
One beautiful summer's day with not a cloud in the sky, the evil giant starting hurling stones down from the Hohe Salve onto the grounds of the Filzalm and caused great misery. As punishment, a terrible thunderstorm was sent from the heavens and the loud rumble of thunder could be heard far and wide. Suddenly, a huge bolt of lightning struck and tore a hole in the pasture. Due to the heavy rain, the hole quickly filled with water, creating the Filzalmsee lake as we know it today.
The evil giant was defeated and as punishment for his misdeeds he was banished to the lake. Since that day, the terrible giant has been stuck to the bottom of Filzalmsee. From time to time, the giant struggles to the surface and emerges from the waters! So take a closer look and maybe you too might have a close encounter with the Filzalmsee giant!