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Play, fun and adventure at Alpinolino


At Alpinolino Westendorf, the alpine discovery park on the adventure grounds of the Talkaser (1,770 m) in Westendorf, everything revolves around fun and adventure. The "Spoggolino" marble run will be extended until summer, making it the longest marble run in Austria. In addition, the marble run will be extended to two tracks so that the children can see which one is more skilful. The wooden worm trail in the Alpinolino leads from the middle station of the Alpenrosenbahn down to the valley station of the Alpenrosenbahn. This is extended to 4 stations with a focus on dexterity and motor skills. There is also new signage on the Alpinorama Trail with, for the first time, different 5-7 stations along the route.