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New lakes for even more sustainablity

Insanely economical!

Two new reservoirs have been built at SkiWelt to provide even more guaranteed snow.

Lake Kleine Salve

As a result of the newly built Salvistabahn, a new reservoir with a capacity of 50,000 cubic metres was created on the Kleine Salve - just below the top station - which contributes significantly to the efficiency of the Hopfgarten and Itter snowmaking system. At the foot of the pond, a state-of-the-art technical centre for the maintenance and parking of the piste equipment and snow-making systems has been built.

Lake Brantlalm

Below the Brantlalm in the SkiWelt Brixen, the Brantlalmsee was created, which provides technical snow-making with a storage capacity of 155,000 cubic metres. Half of each is used for SkiWelt Brixen and Scheffau.

Insanely ecological snowmaking

SkiWelt is thus already the proud owner of 16 reservoirs: the entire implentation of the projects was carried out in accordance with the latest ecological standards and ensures 100% sustainable snow-making at SkiWelt. The reservoirs are naturally fed with fresh spring water, melt water and rainwater in summer. The cooling of the water for efficient snowmaking is already ensured due to the altitude. In spring, when the snow melts, the water can be returned to the natural cycle.

You can find out more about ecological snowmaking at SkiWelt here: