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TOUR 1 Austria's longest barefoot path

Starting point: Hochsöll top lift station

Austria's longest barefoot path, Hexenwasser
Austria's longest barefoot path, Hexenwasser

Route description

Take the Hochsöll cable car to Austria's longest barefoot path with over 60 interactive stations. Walk along the barefoot path and experience the house of the queen bee, humming stones, the Simonalm, the witches' stream with the witches' washing area and the stone mill. The trail continues to the witches' umbrellas and across the witches' ladder to the witches' fireplace. Follow the forest path and you come to the woodcutter's hut, where you can learn about the life of a woodcutter. The walk can be split up into individual sections and is therefore suitable for all ages.

Mountain restaurants & huts

No. 46 Alpengasthof Hochsöll Tel. +43 5333 52604500
No. 47 Gasthof Gründlalm Tel. +43 5333 5060
No. 48 Gasthof Stöcklalm Tel. +43 5333 5127