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Giant experience path | Westendorf

Starting point: Alpenrosenbahn

Destination: Bergstation Alpenrosenbahn

Giant experience path | Westendorf
Giant experience path | Westendorf


Getting to know and being introduced to the natural, animal and mountain world is very important here.
First the ascent with the Alpenrosenbahn Westendorf to the top station takes place. Turn left here directly at the benches and start through the "Marmot Cave" on the Himmelsteig. On this you will reach the Choralpe after a short time. Even before you reach this, you can make a detour to the summit cross of the Guggenköele, Westendorf's local mountain.
Take the forest road below the chapel back to the top station of the Alpenrosenbahn.

Possible combinations

  • Woodworm path approx. 2 h
  • Alpine rose climb ca 3 h


  • Breakfast on the mountain
  • Watch marmots
  • Spoggolino marble run
  • Mountain theme parks: Alpinolino Westendorf

Mountain restaurants & huts

Nr. 2 Jausenstation Brantlalm Tel. +43 699 12372725
Nr. 3 Filzalm Tel. +43 664 4147228
Nr. 30 Bergrestaurant Brandstadl Tel. +43 650 40117766
Nr. 31 Tanzbodenalm Tel. +43 5358 43150
Nr. 42 Bergrestaurant Jochstubn Tel. +43 5358 8555