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This Page is updated and expanded constantly.
Subject to changes. Last updated: 11.03.2021

Current Information from SkiWelt - Update 02.03.2021

Latest Ski World Information following the federal Government press conference

With perfect conditions, empty pistes - actually the dream of every skier - and perfect weather, we have to inform you that SkiWelt will unfortunately have to end its continuous skiing operations for this winter season on 7 March 2021 after more than 70 days of operation. We will always inform you in advance about a possible further weekend operation/special trips. Unfortunately, there is no other option at the moment.

How did the current decision come about?

Plannability, that's a word that unfortunately doesn't seem to have existed for a year now. Many things happen at short notice, almost overnight, and so the ability to make decisions at short notice within the SkiWelt has always been a strength. This is why the SkiWelt directors deliberately wanted to wait for the government's press conference with the final decision on possible further opening steps. In the case of the possibility of an opening, we would of course have supported our regional partners such as mountain hut owners, the gastronomy in general and the hotel industry in solidarity. The SkiWelt stood and stands for a living community. We hope that our locals, as well as all those who were able to ski, also noticed this during the winter and that we were able to inspire you. So we have deliberately always opened the SkiWelt with the connections and Austria's largest offer even on weekdays - because that's how you all know the SkiWelt.

A look behind the scenes

Since April 2020, we have already meticulously prepared for this winter season, created comprehensive safety concepts, invested massively in them and implemented them together with our SkiWelt teams throughout the entire ski area. We also consciously stuck to our planned investments such as the new Hexenwasserbahn in SkiWelt Söll or the Salvistabahn in Itter, because our partners, many companies from the region, as well as from Austria and the Alpine region, were and have always been involved here too. We never thought that the entire winter would be like this, that there would be no prospect of opening even in March. Nevertheless, we kept our promise from the summer with the guarantee of 70 operating days, even always with SkiWelt connections and a great offer, even though there were days when there were more employees in the ski area than guests and we did not have an economically positive ski day. For us, it was about giving some normality to the locals and everyone who was allowed to ski. Skiing is part of our culture, it is a way of life to stand on top of the mountain and enjoy the freedom of skiing. Skiing is safe, healthy and simply makes you happy.

So in the pre-winter we prepared everything as usual for the quickest possible start to the season, which, however, was not permitted by the authorities until Christmas. We always managed all the measures and hurdles together, no matter how short notice. The state decree requiring a negative COVID test for skiers and snowboarders did the rest. In this context, we would like to thank all skiers in particular for always adhering to the regulations and supporting them.
We have always shown together: skiing is safe, healthy and simply makes you happy.

SkiWelt has been around for 43 years and you can rely on it. And that is no coincidence, because it was only through cohesion and community that many crises could be overcome. Anyone interested in the history of SkiWelt?
You can find more information here:

In this sense, stay loyal and enjoy everyday on the mountain!

SkiWelt Lockdown rates from 25.12.2020

SkiWelt Lockdown rates from 25.12.2020

up to 12:00 hrs.€ 31,00€ 23,00€ 15,50
11:00 Pass€ 38,50€ 29,00€ 19,50
12:00 Pass€ 34,00€ 25,50€ 17,00
13:00 Pass€ 29,00€ 21,50€ 14,50
14:00 Pass€ 23,00€ 17,00€ 11,50
Day Pass€ 43,00€ 32,50€ 21,50
Combi-Ticket 1 1/2 days€ 70,00€ 52,50€ 35,50
2-Day Pass€ 79,50€ 60,00€ 40,00
Combi-Ticket 2 1/2 days€ 101,50€ 76,00€ 50,50
3-Day Pass€ 119,50€ 89,50€ 60,00
4-Day Pass€ 154,00€ 115,00€ 77,00
5-Day Pass€ 199,50€ 149,50€ 99,50
6-Day Pass€ 226,00€ 170,00€ 113,00
7-Day Pass€ 253,00€ 189,50€ 126,50
8-Day Pass€ 276,50€ 207,00€ 138,00
9-Day Pass€ 298,00€ 223,00€ 149,00
10-Day Pass€ 317,50€ 238,00€ 158,50
11-Day Pass€ 337,50€ 253,00€ 169,00
12-Day Pass€ 356,00€ 267,00€ 178,00
13-Day Pass€ 374,00€ 280,50€ 186,50
14-Day Pass€ 389,50€ 292,00€ 195,00
5 in 7 Days€ 208,50€ 156,50€ 104,50
7 in 10 Days€ 265,00€ 198,50€ 132,50
10 in 14 Days€ 323,50€ 242,50€ 162,00

Children‘s tariffs for those born between 2006 and 2015, Children born in and after 2016 free!
Youth tariffs for those born in 2003 - 2005

Negative Covid-Test

Since 15.02.2021, according to the ordinance, a negative Covid test result (PCR or antigen) that is no more than 48 hours old must be carried when entering and using the ski slopes.


- Children up to the age of 10 are exempt from this regulation.
- If you have been infected with Covid during the last 6 months, you don't need to carry a negative test result with you, but you do need to carry a statement from your medical practicioner about the previous infection.
- For the use of the mountain railways as well as the designated toboggan runs (Astbergrodelbahn Going & Hexenritt Söll) there is no Covid test obligation. All other regulations, a.i. wearing a FFP2 mask or mouth-nose protection and keeping a 2m safety distance, still apply.
- An additional exception applies to all skiers and snowboarders who are on ski runs belonging to the following lift types: All skiers and snowboarders using only drag lifts, platter lifts or conveyor belts are also exempt on the slopes belonging to them. What is also required with this exception is compliance with the applicable regulations such as mask obligation and the 2m distance rule, etc.
However, if you first use a gondola or chairlift to reach a practice area, you again need a negative COVID-19 test.


For controls, negative antigen rapid test and PCR test results are accepted, but not an antigen self-test (e.g. school).


The health authorities will carry out spot checks. The mountain railways are not obliged to carry out checks and our staff will not check this either. What they will continue to check, however, is that everyone continues to comply the valid regulations, such as the FFP2 mask requirement or the 2m distance rules.

Mouth and nose protection compulsory | FFP2 Masks


Wearing an FFP2 mask is required in all enclosed cable cars, gondolas, coverable chairlifts (with bubble) and enclosed/covered queuing areas. In addition, the FFP2 mask must be worn at covered cable car ticket booths including the waiting area.

Children under the age of 15 are exempt from the obligation to wear FFP2 masks. They are required to wear a mouth-nose protection from the age of 6.

Important note: If you do not have a FFP2 mask or have forgotten it at home, you can purchase a mandatory FFP2 mask at all SkiWelt ticket offices at cost of € 2.-.



The wearing of a mouth-nose protection is required for passengers of chairlifts WITHOUT a bonnet, bow or surface lifts and conveyor belts.

Children up to the age of six and persons are exempt from the obligation.

Mouth-nose protection must also be worn in all open areas of the mountain railways. This includes open cable car ticket offices and waiting areas, open access areas and queuing areas. The queuing areas are organised accordingly so that the minimum distance can be maintained. In addition, the MNS obligation applies in all shops, ski depots and WC facilities. Sufficient disinfection facilities are provided in the entrance and access areas.Translated with

All employees of the mountain railways with guest contact (railway area and catering) are instructed to also wear mouth-nose protection. In addition to the restaurant areas, countless disinfection dispensers are available throughout the area. Signs with the precautionary measures are posted at all entrances and exits to the railways and restaurants. Appropriate announcements in German and English also remind guests of the safety precautions at regular intervals.


In addition to conventional mouth-nose protection masks, multifunctional scarfs, ski masks, bandanas, buffs, hose scarves, etc. are also considered to provide mouth-nose protection, according to the latest guidelines. It is important that both the mouth and the nose are completely covered, thus preventing the spreading of droplets when speaking, coughing and sneezing.
Since 7.11.2020, all types of plastic visors (face shields etc.) will no longer be considered an equivalent alternative to masks.

Important note: However, if you don't have a buff or similar at home according to the above-mentioned specifications or if you forget to do so, you can buy various buffs in SkiWelt design at all SkiWelt ticket offices or in the online shop at cost price of EUR 2,-.

Exemption of mouth-nose-compulsory and FFP2 masks

Children up to the age of six are exempt from the obligation to wear MNS. From the age of 7 the MNS obligation applies and from the age of 15 the wearing of an FPP2 mask in the designated areas.

An exception to the obligation to wear mouth-nose protection or FFP2 masks applies to people who cannot reasonably be expected to wear them for health reasons. A medical certificate must be presented confirming that mouth-nose protection cannot be worn for health reasons. In the event of a check, the reasons for making use of the exception must be proven (medical confirmation required!). In addition, the medical certificate must be presented to the lift and ticket office staff without being asked.

Pregnant women are exempt from the obligation to wear a FFP2 mask, they are allowed to wear a MNS instead. Please carry a pregnancy statement from your general practitioner or doctor with you at all times.

The Scheffau mountain Railway reserves the right to transport persons only with FFP2 masks where this is obligatory. A medical certificate is not an exception.

Skipasses & SkiWelt Shop


In the SkiWelt online ticket store, all guests can conveniently order the ski passes of their choice to be sent to their home. Please note that it takes a few days to send the tickets by mail. Here too, we guarantee you the greatest possible security. The value of any unredeemed ski passes will of course remain in full. This value can be redeemed 100 % at a later date, for example in the following season. The same applies to gift vouchers.


From October 1st, you can conveniently pre-order the SkiWelt season ticket of your choice online. In addition, all SkiWelt season tickets for the entire season will be sold at the advance booking price.

We would like to give our SkiWelt regular guests the greatest possible security before the season ticket sales begin. In the event of another forced closure by the federal government, which none of us wishes or hopes, we have decided on the following regulation in the interest of our regular guests:
In the case of another premature closure of the ski resort, EUR 44.00 per day will be deducted from the purchase price of the SkiWelt season ticket until there is no residual value. A partial refund of season or combined tickets (SuperSkiCard, SnowCardTirol) is only possible if less than 70 operating days were possible at SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental. The weather conditions of the operating days are not relevant for the crediting.

Important note: The Snow Card Tirol or Super Ski Card have their own regulations. SkiWelt is only one of many partners for the combined ski passes.

Nightskiing Season Ticket Söll

The night skiing season tickets are during the whole season available at a reduced advance booking price at the SkiWelt ticket offices and in the online shop. In the case of another premature closure, the Söll night-ski season ticket will be deducted from the purchase price at a rate of EUR 18.40 per day of skiing until there is no residual value.


The season ticket pre-sale for season tickets & elective subsciptions has been extended until December 31st. Anyone who buys by this date does not run any risk due to the changed Corona refund regulation.


Open toilet facilities

SkiWelt Brixen

  • SkiWeltbahn valley and mountain station
  • Kälbersalvenbahn valley station
  • Filzbodenbahn mountain station

SkiWelt Hopfgarten - Itter

  • Salvistabahn valley and mountain station
  • Salvenbahn I valley and mountain station

SkiWelt Ellmau - Going

  • Bergkaiser mountain station (only toilet - no restaurant)
  • Hartkaiserbahn valley station
  • Astberg mountain and valley station

SkiWelt Scheffau

  • 8er Brandstadl gondola valley station
  • 4 EUB Brandstadl mountain station
  • Muldenbahn mountain station

SkiWelt Söll

  • Hexenwasser gongola valley and mountain station

SkiWelt Westendorf

  • Alpenrosenbahn valley and mountain station
  • Choralmbahn valley and mountain station
  • Talkaser valley station

Gastronomy & mountain hut refreshment


Unfortunately, our SkiWelt huts are not yet allowed to open during lockdown. As soon as an exact start date has been determined, we will inform you about it.

The following huts currently offer take away options:
SkiWelt Going:
60 Koasa Hütt'n

SkiWelt Ellmau:
59 Tirol Bar & Grill
Beverage machine at the Hartkaiserbahn mountain station

SkiWelt Scheffau:
Take away directly at the valley station - only in good weather

SkiWelt Söll:
Take Away self-service fridge at the Stöcklalm

SkiWelt Westendorf:
Drinks machine in the Alpenrosenbahn valley station

Preventive testing of all SkiWelt employees


The safety of our employees and guests is our greatest asset. It was therefore clear to SkiWelt’s managing directors that in addition to special preventive measures, employees should be tested before starting work and then continuously, everywhere, until the end of the season. All employees will be divided into different groups over the course of seven days and tested weekly. This ensures the highest level of safety. However, this effort and the high costs involved are currently not covered by the federal government, in contrast to many other tourist sectors, because the use of the cable cars was assessed as having a very low infection potential due to the short duration of stay and outdoor skiing. Of course on the one hand we are happy about this, but on the other hand the cable cars have to cover these enormous expenses themselves if they wish to continue taking these safety measures. SkiWelt has made a conscious decision to follow this path. Safety first.

The SkiWelt lifts start earlier

The SkiWelt lifts start earlier

The SkiWelt will provide all our guests with completely relaxed skiing lessons and ski days, including a relaxed start in the morning. The SkiWelt managers have therefore decided on the following additional measure. The boarding gondolas in the SkiWelt resorts of Brixen, Ellmau, Going, Hopfgarten, Itter, Scheffau and Söll will start at 8:00 am. Of course, the subsequent cable cars on the mountain will also start operating earlier than usual. SkiWelt Westendorf will start as usual at 08:30 a.m., but flexibly and as required, the lifts will start operating earlier. This means that all SkiWelt skiers will have even more and, above all, even more relaxed fun on the slopes!

Capacities and disinfection of lifts


A capacity restriction of 50% applies to all gondola lifts and chairlifts. This means that a total of 5 people are transported in a 10-seater gondola and 4 people in an 8-seater chairlift. Families are exempt from this regulation.

In addition, all gondolas are very well ventilated and the journey time is less than 15 minutes per lift. If necessary, the modern mountain railways of the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental will increase the travel speed accordingly in order to guarantee the transport capacity.


As in the summer season, all gondolas in all SkiWelt locations are disinfected daily using cold fogging equipment. The special cold fog produces a durable, floating droplet of fog that eliminates 99.99 % of all viruses, bacteria and spores on surfaces within a very short time. The active ingredient leaves no residues, is non-toxic, pH-neutral, skin- and eye-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Entry requirements for Tyrol

General Entry Requirements in the winter season 2020/21

The currently valid entry requirements for Austria as well as the most important questions and answers are clearly summarised here:

Please note that you should inform yourself in advance about the resprective travel and return travel regulations from your country.

Experiences & events

There aren't any events this season.

Which facilities will remain closed?


- KIKO in Söll
- Schneepiraten Kids Club in Scheffau
- Kleinkinderbetreuung Brixen im Thale

Measures of the SkiWelt Ski School

Measures of the SkiWelt Ski School

In general, skiing is an outdoor sport and the risk of infection is much lower than indoors.
We will try to keep the protective distance everywhere in the best possible way and minimise all personal contact points.

Mouth and nose protection/hand disinfection
In all indoor areas of the ski school we ask our guests to wear a mouth and nose protector. We also expect our guests to wear hand disinfection when entering and leaving the premises. The sales points will be equipped with glass protection.

Online booking and reservation
Guests are requested to book the ski school offers in advance online, by telephone or by e-mail to avoid direct contact.

Reduced group size
Group sizeThe group size is kept as small as possible. We will try to be as flexible as possible, especially during the busy holiday weeks, so that all our guests can participate in the ski courses. Nevertheless, we would like to strongly advise you to book online in advance.

Children's ski race and award ceremony
Our children's ski races will continue to take place weekly without restriction. The start intervals will be slightly extended to avoid any congestion in the start and finish areas. All award ceremonies will be held outdoors within the group.

Guests with symptoms of illness
It should be taken as a matter of course that guests with symptoms of illness cannot take part in the ski school programme. We ask for your understanding in this point, only in this way can we all protect each other.

Contact tracing
In order to prevent the virus from spreading as quickly as possible in the event of a positive Covid-19 ski course participant, it is essential that all our guests provide us with the correct details (mobile phone number, accommodation, email).

Secretion in case of symptoms
When symptoms occur in ski course children, they are immediately separated or isolated from the rest of the group. Parents must ensure that they can be reached at all times and must pick up their child as quickly as possible.

Employee safety
For our ski school staff we give everything in terms of safety. In addition to correct instructions and rules of conduct, we ensure good accommodation and working conditions and carry out tests according to the system and in the event of the slightest suspicion.

Open ski rentals in the Lockdown

Our sport shops are closed, but ski rental and service is possible, as these areas fall under the service. The following ski rentals are available for you during the lockdown. Please register by telephone!

Skibus Service

All ski busses are free if you come dressed for the occasion (in a ski outfit) and with valid ski passes.

Subject to change due to corona.

More questions? Here is the right contact person


Here you can find all the direct contact details of our SkiWelt marketing office for all general cable car or ski region enquiries. If you have a specific question about a cable car, please contact the facility directly. If you have a question concerning your chosen accommodation, our colleagues at the tourist offices will be happy to help.

To the information of the SkiWelt locations

SkiWelt locations Covid-19 info page Phone number Mail
Brixen - TVB Kitzbüheler Alpen - Brixental Zur Webseite 0043 57507 2200
Ellmau - TVB Wilder Kaiser Zur Webseite 0043 50509 410
Going - TVB Wilder Kaiser Zur Webseite 0043 50509 510
Hopfgarten - TVB Ferienregion Hohe Salve Zur Webseite 0043 57507 7100
Itter - TVB Ferienregion Hohe Salve Zur Webseite 0043 57507 7200
Kelchsau - TVB Ferienregion Hohe Salve Zur Webseite 0043 57507 7200
Scheffau - TVB Wilder Kaiser Zur Webseite 0043 50509 310
Söll - TVB Wilder Kaiser Zur Webseite 0043 50509 210
Westendorf - TVB Kitzbüheler Alpen - Brixental Zur Webseite 0043 57507 2300
Kufsteinerland Zur Webseite 0043 5372 62207

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental shows its particular strengths even under these special requirements. Everything in our region is small structured. In addition to the excellent location and quick access, only 20 km from the Kiefersfelden freeway border, we are equipped with 8 decentralized, generously designed and modern access points. Everywhere our guests can expect free parking directly at the cable cars. Public transportation by bus and train is also very easy. Or would you like to arrive with the Nightjet overnight? Whether you are coming from Düsseldorf, Hamburg or Amsterdam - you can reach all SkiWelt locations from 14.12.2020 until the end of the season. Skiers can expect 288 km of perfectly groomed, very wide and varied slopes, 90 lifts and cable cars and over 80 mainly privately run huts with sun terraces spread throughout SkiWelt every day. Enjoy the countless panoramic views of the Wilder Kaiser, the Kitzbühel Alps or over 70 three thousand meter peaks. The entire SkiWelt team and all of our regional partners will once again inspire you next winter. Experience unique moments, hours and days that will remain in your memory forever.

  • A 8 at the Hochfelln-Nord rest stop (downstream to the Walserberg border crossing)
  • A 93 at the Heuberg rest area (near the Brannenburg exit)
  • A 3 at the rest area Donautal-Ost (downstream to the border crossing Pocking)