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News in 2017/18: Witches Winter in Söll

Around the Simonalm and at the middle of the piste


Do witches actually hibernate? Up until now perhaps. But not this winter! Things start to get all “witchy” as soon as the season starts at SkiWelt Söll this year. The snow witches will be sweeping, flying and skiing through SkiWelt Söll from Sunday through to Thursday. You might spot them randomly at the huts, but at 10:76 they are always in front of their witches hut, the Simonalm, where the large cauldron bubbles away with your magical witch’s potion. And should you wish to get to know the world of witches in more detail, you should definitely take part in the unique witch’s meal in the dark (booking required). Enjoy a lunch where you are invited to marvel, understand and feel - a part of it takes place in absolute darkness.


We have rebuilt the 400 year old farmhouse “Prandl” from Brixen here in Hochsöll. The former rooms and chambers tell their own stories and help you understand life on an Alpine pasture.

The idea behind the Simonalm is to make you think about life on the farm, to reflect on the work in the mountains and its tradition. At the Simonalm, you encounter a world of legends, stories, songs, games, recipes, prayers, folk sayings, customs and traditions.

And you leave it inspired and uplifted, taking home with you the thought of how previous generations once lived in the mountains. We want to give this “legacy” a new home at the Simonalm.

Booking and Information:

Berg- & Skilift Hochsöll GmbH & CoKG
6306 Söll
Tel. +43 (0) 5333 5260