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Sources of energy and awareness

in the Kaisergebirge mountains

Five unique sources of energy and awareness await me in the Kaisergebirge’s Nature Experience and offer incomparable enjoyment of the great outdoors.
True to the motto: "Slow down. Enjoy. Feel" the Kaisergebirge mountains, high above the valley, invite you to immerse yourself in nature.

Mountain pharmacy

I can discover Austria’s highest mountain pharmacy. Four interactive modules demonstrate the practise and herbal knowledge of the pharmacist of old. Some local herbs and their healing effects are represented in words and pictures, and I may recognise a familiar fragrance or two.

Sky gazing

On the Gamskogel there’s a magical place from where I can observe the sky and the clouds. Depending on the sun and my inclination, I can sit and lie on the spiral larch wood bench and gaze in every direction.

Spring of life

On this hike along the forest road, between the mid and top stations, I can find the energy source - the “Lebensquelle”, the spring of life. At the Riegen-Bründl the energy emanates from the power of the water.

Freedom - time - space

The layout of this place forms a spiral where I can direct my gaze to the north side of the Wilder Kaiser - a natural jewel which is well worth exploring.

Eagle’s View

The “Adlerblick” (Eagle’s View) energy source is located right next to the top station. If I gaze far into the distance through the "Viscope", I can learn lots about the mountain names: the names of each mountain and inn appear in the telescope.

Ridge walk

The Hocheck ridge lies between Steinberg and Walleralm. The wind-protected spiral is an inviting place for hikers to take a leisurely break. A "Viscope" enables me to see into the far distance, bringing the mountain peaks so much closer.

  • TVB Kufstein Fotograf Mirakel Brünnl
    TVB Kufstein Fotograf Mirakel Brünnl
  • Adlerblick TVB Kufstein
    Adlerblick TVB Kufstein
  • Foto Sportalpen Marketing
    Foto Sportalpen Marketing
  • Ferienland Kufstein
    Ferienland Kufstein