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TOUR 4 Hike to the Jochstubnsee

Starting point: Brixen im Thale cable car

Wanderung zum Jochstubnsee Brixen im Thale
Hike to the Jochstubnsee, Brixen im Thale

Route description

This hike takes you to the stunningly romantic setting of the Jochstubnsee lake. Exclusive sailing trips on the lake every Tuesday from 11.00 am until 3.00 pm. Head back towards the Brantlalmsee or Filzalmsee lake in RiesenWelt Brixen im Thale, where you will find Kneipp stations providing relaxation in the form of Moor mud foot baths and wading pools.

Possible route combinations


  • Kneipp stations
  • Exclusive sailing trips at 1.500m altitude

Mountain restaurants & huts

No. 1 SkiWelt-Hütte Tel. +43 5334 30222
No. 2 Jausenstation Brantlalm Tel. +43 699 12372725
No. 42 Bergrestaurant Jochstubn Tel. +43 5358 8555