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TOUR 2 Hike to Hexenwasser Söll

Starting point: summit of the Hohe Salve

Wanderung zum Hexenwasser nach Söll
Hike to Hexenwasser Söll

Route description

Start from the mountain with the best views in Tyrol, the Hohe Salve, which also boasts the first revolving panoramic terrace with 360° views of over 70 three thousand-metre high peaks. Continue to the Hexenwasser (witches' water) mountain theme park in Söll and Austria's longest barefoot path. Return to Hopfgarten via 3 cable cars.

Possible route combinations

  • Hike to the Stöcklalm inn. From here walk through the 'Hexenwald' forest to the Salvenmoss Chapel


  • Chapel by the Kraftalm inn
  • 1st revolving panoramic terrace

Mountain restaurants & huts

No. 21 Alpengasthof Rigi Tel. +43 5335 2430
No. 23 Gasthof Kraftalm Tel. +43 5332 75152
No. 27 Gipfelalm Hohe Salve Tel. +43 5335 2216