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TOUR 6 Astenrunde

Starting Point: Infopoint Going

This tour leads from Going to the Astberg and back. Through woods and across meadows, this tour is particularly impressive due to the gigantic view of the massif of the Wilder Kaiser and Kitzbühler Horn.


Follow the village road to the war memorial, where you turn right and arrive at the picturesque church square. Turn right at the Gattererhof farm and follow the Söllnerweg and the signpost "Hollenauer Kreuz" along a field path. Before the Hollenauer Kreuz snack station, cross the asphalt road and follow the sign towards Astberg/Blattlsalm. This path leads through meadows along the edge of the forest until you reach the Blattlalm in the romantic clearing. Here, most of the climb is already done and you can fortify yourself on the sun terrace. The Astbergsee lake invites you to spend quiet and relaxing hours under the sun. Now you realise why the Astbergsee is also called the "mirror of the Wilder Kaiser". After an enjoyable break, follow trail no. 9 across green pastures to the Hausberg settlement. The Brenneralm awaits you here. From there, a wide forest path leads back to the Astberg cable car. If you want to spare your knees, you can start the ride down into the valley from there. But if you still haven't had enough of the tour, you can hike back to the Hollenauer Krez snack station, keeping to the left along a meadow path. There you can make yourself comfortable in a deck chair with an apple strudel and let the day come to an end. Translated with


  • Lake Astbergsee

Mountain Restaurants & Huts

Nr. 54 Treichlhof Tel. +43 5358 43369
Nr. 62 Brenner Alm Tel. +43 5358 44022
Nr. 63 Blattlalm Going Tel. +43 5358 2713
Nr. 55 Jausenstation Hollenauer Kreuz Tel. +43 5356 71097

Tour 5 Rauher Kopf

Tour 5 Rauher Kopf
Tour 5 Rauher Kopf

Duration 4,5 h | Route 12,6 km| Difficulty middle | 630 meters in altitudeMore

Tour 6 Astenrunde

Tour 6 Astenrunde
Tour 6 Astenrunde

Duration 3,5 h | Route 8,7 km| Difficulty middle| 560 meters in altitudeMore