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TOUR 5 Rauher Kopf

Starting Point: Mountain Station Astberg


The Astberg cable car takes us comfortably to the starting point of today's hike. Arriving at the mountain station, we enjoy the silence at the Astbergsee and hike past the Pony Alm. Following the signs to Rauher Kopf via hiking trail no. 9, we pass flowering meadows and shady root paths. At the junction of Lierstätt and Greiln, keep to the left and walk along the forest path on hiking trail no. 11 towards Hartkaiser. With the massif of the Wilder Kaiser always in sight, you reach the "Am-Kalten-Wasser" junction, where you can enjoy a sip of mountain water before heading uphill through blueberry bushes to the Rauher Kopf. Once you reach the summit, you can take a well-deserved rest and enjoy the unique view. Return along the same path as far as the Greiln junction, but there turn off in the direction of the Brenner Alm. The Brenner Alm is a cosy place to stop for a break. Once refreshed, you can either hike back to the starting point via the Fortstraße or via the local mountain. Translated with


  • Lake Astbergsee
  • Mountain view Rauher Kopf

Mountain Restaurants & Huts

Nr. 54 Treichlhof Tel. +43 5358 43369
Nr. 62 Brenner Alm Tel. +43 5358 44022
Nr. 63 Blattlalm Going Tel. +43 5358 2713

Tour 5 Rauher Kopf

Tour 5 Rauher Kopf
Tour 5 Rauher Kopf

Duration 4,5 h | Route 12,6 km| Difficulty middle | 630 meters in altitudeMore

Tour 6 Astenrunde

Tour 6 Astenrunde
Tour 6 Astenrunde

Duration 3,5 h | Route 8,7 km| Difficulty middle| 560 meters in altitudeMore