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TOUR 4 Experience Hike Kleine Salve

Starting Point: Mountainstation Salvistabahn


From the mountain station of the Salvitsabahn Itter at the summit of the Kleine Salve (1565m), the hiking trail first leads directly to the beautiful mountain lake. Here you are invited to take a short tour: On the lakeside, many resting places provide relaxation and invite you to recharge your batteries. The tour continues along a narrow forest path to the forest road. Now follow the forest road (no. 68) downhill until you reach the Schorn junction. Turn sharply right into the forest (68b).
Soon you reach a clearing with a great view of Itter and Wörgl. The trail continues slightly uphill to the Kraftalm pilgrimage chapel and the Almgasthof of the same name. Here at the middle station, you have the choice: take the Salvistabahn up to the summit of the Kleine Salve or return to the valley.


  • Kraftalm Itter
  • Lake Kleine Salve
  • Chapel
Trail Number 68, 68b, 69, 70
Duration 2h 30 min.
Altitude 380 m in altitude

Restaurants and Huts

Nr. 23 Kraftalm +43 5332 75152