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Witches Winter in the SkiWelt Söll

Around the Simonalm and in the middle of the piste


For many years now, the witches have been inviting visitors to the Hexenwasser Söll in summer to marvel, understand and experience. Guests experience their blue wonder, hear stones sound or learn to think "barefoot" ... But what happens here in winter? Does the Hexenwasser even turn into witches' ice cream? Is the witches' pot in the freezer? Are the witches asleep?

Not at all, rather the ladies ith the brooms have cancelled their winter sleep: too exciting is the white, cold element that covers their witches' water when it's below zero. And the idea of sweeping through the witches' winter not only with brooms but also on skis is too appealing.


From the beginning of the season, the witches fly and ski through SkiWelt Söll five days a week (SO-DO). With a little luck you can see or hear the witches even in the middle of the slope when you "sweep" right through SkiWelt Söll.

If you want to see the witches, you have to go skiing in Söll. Visitors have to find out for themselves on which days they will be cooking over the witches' cauldron or "hexperimenting" at the tables. One thing is clear, the witch is here.

Witch Wave & Hexenschuss

The Hexenschuss is at Hans im Glück Parcour, wehere you can alternately measure your speed. Allegedly the witches also use the Hexenschuss as a runway.

The Witch Wave is fun for young and old. Downhill run no. 46 is all about coordination and fun!
So force the adventure slope together with the witches.

Bookinig and information:

Berg- & Skilift Hochsöll GmbH & CoKG
6306 Söll
Tel. +43 (0) 5333 5260