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Award: Environment-friendly skiing area

Conclusion The environmental protection activities of SkiWelt are exemplary. The Sonnenlift in Brixen is 100% solar powered. A solar system is installed at the Jochbahn in Brixen. When producing artifical snow, care is taken to ensure gentle snowmaking. In summer, the snow ponds are mainly filled with spring and melt water. The piste machines are equipped with an ingenious piste snow measuring system. GPS-controlled piste management enables efficient and resource-saving snow management and thus enormous savings in technically produced snow and energy. 100% renewable energy (hydropower) is used. Ski buses run to the lifts in all locations. In Scheffau, Hopfgarten and Brixen there are free charging points for electric cars at the car parks. Renewable energy or waste heat is used to heat various SkiWelt facilities. There is a waste seperation system at all valley and mountain stations and strict attention is paid to waste seperation. There are plenty of rubbish bins available everywhere so that the environment is not polluted. The huts mainly use regional products from the region and pay attention to sustainability. The colours of the buildings are chosen in harmony with nature and the construction work is supervised by nature conservation experts.

Skiresort Auszeichnung: 5 Sterne Skigebiet
Skiresort Award: 5 star skiing area