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Celebrate your child’s birthday at Hexenwasser

A witch or wizard will accompany the children on an expedition through the Hexenwasser theme park

Option 1 – Water Sounds

Off we go via the water chime to discover the witch’s ladder, where we learn how water can flow uphill.

Then we balance in different variations over the ant tree trunk and get a taste of what it feels like to be an ant.

After making a creative work of natural art, we pick a few witch’s herbs and build up our strength with some bread-on-a-stick (tea or herbal soup). Revived and fit we return to the cauldron, where a gift is waiting for the birthday child.

Option 2 – Barefoot Path

We walk along the barefoot path (without shoes, of course) to the apiary to discover what it’s like to be a bee. Here, each child can make a beeswax candle. We continue on through the water to the singing stones, where we can experiment and make music with various types of stones.

As we continue on our walk to the witch’s stone mill, where we encounter some magic, we have to cross the mud troughs and rock oil pools. Then we can cook some of the food we have brought with us on our barbecue.

Before heading home, we mustn’t forget to pick up the birthday present from the cauldron!

Prices and booking

Price: EUR 130.00 for 10 children + 2 adults (min. 10 people)
For each additional person: adult EUR 17.00 / child EUR 12.00 (cable car included)
Booking: 1 week in advance
Duration: approx. 2 hours

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